By submitting an abstract of your research you accept to share your work either as a speech or as a poster to be presented or displayed during the congress.

The Scientific Committee will designate the format (oral or poster). The final acceptance decision is the exclusive right of the Scientific Committee.

The Abstracts will be evaluated and scored by a panel of Referees (selected by the Scientific Committee) according to their novelty and significance for the Young Investigator Awards.

To respond to the requests received , the StemNet organizing committee is pleased announce that the deadline for the abstracts submission to the First International StemNet Meeting has been moved to 

JULY 14th, 2021

Download the format for you application:


Abstracts must adequately describe the objectives and results. Originality, study quality and completeness of the work will be evaluated. All information and news about the status of the abstract will only be sent to the e-mail address 

Please check for the accuracy of the e-mail address inserted.

  • Language: English.
  • Font: Times New Roman, 12 points font size, single spaced, justified text.
  • Characters Limit: The abstract must not exceed 2500 characters, including spaces. (this must be applied to the main body of the abstract only. Abstract, title and authors are excluded). References should not be included in the abstract. Use of standard abbreviations is desirable.
  • Author/s names and surnames (Regular style): E.g.: Mario Rossi, Carla Bianchi, ... Affiliation (Regular style): E.g. University of...., Laboratory of ....,
  • Text: Originality, study quality and completeness of the work will be evaluated. The abstract should be divided into 4 paragraphs:

1. OBJECTIVE: indicate primary purpose of study.

2. MATERIALS AND METHODS: description of data sources, subjects, design measurements and data analysis.

3. RESULTS: summary of the main findings.

4. CONCLUSIONS: study's conclusion and/or implication of the results.

  • Abbreviations in the title will not be accepted. If used throughout the text, abbreviations must be indicated in their extended version the first time they are used. Please do not include images, tables or attachments.
  • File saving: save the abstract in a Word format with the following name: first name surname of the first author (e.g. mario_rossi.doc). 
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